20. 02 2010

Rafrænt vinnusvæði hjá Ovid

Frá mars 2010 býður Ovid upp á rafrænt vinnusvæði sem þau kalla My Workspace. Skráðir notendur geta safnað þar saman og haldið utan um heimildir og gögn. Í tilkynningu frá Ovid segir:


With the upcoming March release of OvidSP and Nursing@Ovid, we’re delivering innovative new research productivity tools that extend the power of OvidSP for your users.

We’ll be introducing My Workspace, a dedicated area where you can assemble and organize all of your related research findings into projects and folders, allowing you to analyze your results and manage research projects within OvidSP.

The My Workspace feature is easily accessible as a persistent link on the navigation bar, allowing users to conveniently access their research documents when they need to, from just about any location in OvidSP.

My Projects, the “core” of My Workspace allows you to:

  • Save citations (with Annotations), articles, images, search strategies, eTOCs, and other research elements you retrieve via OvidSP or upload from another source into projects or folders
  • Set up AutoAlerts so that results are saved to specific projects
  • Save Ovid Universal Search™ results and citations into a specific project or folder
  • Easily access your projects from numerous pages on OvidSP

Plus, our new browser toolbar feature allows you to quickly and easily add resources to My Projects from outside of OvidSP—ideal for today’s researchers who need fast, convenient tools to manage their research projects and work at the speed of research! Stay tuned for more details.

My eTOCs and My Saved Searches/Alerts are also part of My Workspace and where you can store your eTOCs and saved searches.

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